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After School Study Clubs

The time between school ending and their parent’s return from work is the time our children in the townships are most vulnerable to the high levels of rape, gang violence and other physical attacks.

YFC’s Afterschool Study Club in partnership with KILT, is a safe place for selected learners in 14 of the schools in our area.   Together with a qualified and trained supervisor, assisted with a school teacher and a volunteer, these learners get the opportunity to study and do their homework after school. This programme will be extended in July and we hope to reach another 400-450 learners on a weekly basis soon.

We also offer a small snack because for many of the learners with whom we interact, this is the only meal they might receive for the day. Eating  and enjoying some fun time together also play an important role in fostering positive relationships which we hope to further develop through other interventions in the schools and community.

Should you wish to become part of this amazing team either as a supervisor or volunteer, please do not hesitate to call Dee at the YFC office 0443827474 for more information

Elize Schroder


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