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Blanket drive for the Knysna homeless

The 20-Something/Emerge group of young people, kicked off chilly June with a blanket drive. This group of youngsters is made out of guys and girls of different cultures and denominations. They get together on a weekly basis, either at the YFC building or at one of the member’s houses. They love doing outreaches and getting involved in the community. Some of the members hit the streets to hand out a warm blanket (together with some Jesus-love) and some clothes to the homeless people they could find. The areas they covered were from as far as the railway tracks to the outside of the waste recycling building near the Waterfront, as well as a few other premises.

Thank you to everyone that donated clothes and blankets to YFC – the homeless people really appreciated it a lot!

Like always, the group ended their evening with a sweet treat sponsored by Caltex Knysna to show their appreciation to everyone for making time to spread the love in the icy cold weather.

If you have any warm clothing or blankets you are welcome to donate it to us so that we can continue assisting people wherever we can during the cold Winter months.

Lesley Langham


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