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Participants at the Business Growth Course

Business Growth Course for existing Paradigm Shift Students


YFC Knysna is known for its vision and commitment to social development.  As part of this vision, Caroline Page, one of our volunteers, has put together a BUSINESS GROWTH COURSE.  Hereby existing students currently attending our  Paradigm Shift (Entrepreneurial Skills) course have the opportunity to put the theory they are taught into practice.

The whole aim is to assist HOPEHQ (the ‘Income Generating leg’ of YFC) to put a Marketing Plan together.  This marketing plan is specifically aimed at the products manufactured by HopeHQ and exhibited at the HopeHQ Gallery at 13 Uil Street.

Various topics are being dealt with namely targeting, branding, product selection, the sales plan, marketing plan and selling the product (and yourself).  In addition to this Caroline offered individual coaching in relation to participants’ own businesses. Thanks Caro for your dedication and commitment to this initiative!

Elize Schroder


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