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Business Growth Course changing the lives of five entrepreneurs

Light of Hope 4As part of the various courses that we provide our students, we present a business growth course that teaches them to become entrepreneurs.  This course is called Paradigm Shift and is an entrepreneurial course based on Biblical principles.

We recently facilitated this amazing course for the third time.

Within the group of students were five young women attending our sewing course and little did they know how this entrepreneurial course would change their lives forever.

Not too long before, friends of YFC donated some candle-making equipment.  We were unsure as how we would use it.  We decided to incorporate it into our income-generating focus and asked the would-be entrepreneurs attending the course if anyone would like to begin a candle-making business.

These five young women raised their hands.

Many people in the community came together to help them get started:  One volunteer met with them weekly after every Paradigm Shift meeting to help them get started, someone else gave their time to teaching the ladies how to actually make candles, a local business donated old candles to be made into new ones and local pre-schools chipped in by collecting their old crayons to color the candles.

In November 2016 these entrepreneurs officially started the production of their own candles from a shack in one of Knysna’s townships. They named their business: “Light of Hope“.Light of Hope 2

After producing their stock of candles, they needed places where they could sell them.  Again the community came together.  “Light of Hope” was able to sell their candles at various markets, the Tourism Office and a local gift shop.  They continued to share their stories of hope with customers and how they arrived at where they are today.

Within three months, “Light of Hope” was able to officially register their business – thanks to the help of yet another local businessman who gave his time to assist them.

Light of Hope 6

Through the efforts and dedication of the local community, these five entrepreneurs now take pride in being self-employed.  They will soon be able to employ even more people, creating additional jobs for those who need them.  They are now also able to support their families.

We are very proud of these ladies. They used what they were taught to better themselves.

Proverbs 21:5 – ” Hasty shortcuts leads to poverty and hard work leads to prospertity”

Elize Schroder


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