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developing new skills Hands & Heart Skills Development

Developing new skills at Hands & Heart

Developing new skills at Hands & Heart

Current students at the Hands & Heart Skills Development Centre are showing lots of artistic flair as they continue on their journey of developing new skills. Here you can see Omar’s first attempt at woodcarving and painting. Josephine, our resident artist, assisted him a little bit with the painting but otherwise he carved the bird, the Protea and painted most of it himself. According to Josephine, he has a lot of potential and talent.

It is always amazing to discover the hidden talent amongst the students at Hands & Heart Skills Development Centre. To share the joy and surprise in their eyes when they discover these talents and their real potential is very inspirational! All they needed was someone to believe in them and give them the opportunity to develop and nurture these skills!

To further enhance their business skills, YFC Knysna created a platform for the students to generate an income from their handiwork. These items are sold at various festivals, Knynsa Tourism and our own retail outlet. Students receive a portion of the sale and the remainder is put back into the program to ensure long term sustainability. If you or someone you know are interested in developing new skills, have a look at our programs to see what suits you.

We are so proud of Omar’s art piece that we will be framing it and it will be on sale in our retail outlet at 13 Uil Street, Knysna Industrial. Come on down to our shop to view this unique piece as well as our other beautifully hand-crafted items.

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