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Our first Ladies Day – An annual event


On the 29th of October 2016 we held our first YFC Ladies Day.   We hope that this will be an annual event on our calendar.  Our focus was mainly to bless our sisters from the areas surrounding Knysna. Our theme was: “Stepping Into Your New Season”.  Just over 40 ladies attended and we had an awesome time of fellowship.  

We were so blessed to have Hannelie Viljoen and Laticha van Wageningen who lead us in worship. The worship was very annointed and we could feel God’s presence around us.  

Three of our own ladies shared for approximately 5 minutes each about a lady from the Bible.  Elize talked about Leah, Shahida about Naomi and Ghila about Esther.  They prayed about which lady they had to talk about beforehand, and the Holy Spirit clearly showed each of them which message they had to bring to the women. 

Simone, who was the main speaker, shared a message about Sarah.  The message was basically that we should not be like Sarah, hiding in a tent when God talks about our lives. We should not laugh in unbelief when God reveals His Plan for us. We should not allow our own mistakes to cloud our view of what God can and will do in our lives.  No matter how much our lives are messed up, God’s plan can and will manifest in your life, if you allow Him. 

After the message Laticha blessed us with a beautiful song which really touched many of us.  Afterwards he had a lucky draw during which some of the ladies were blessed by some wonderful gifts.  The gifts were donated generously by various people and businesses in the Knysna communty. We ended the morning with a very nice High Tea. 

We want to give a special “Thank You” to all who helped us make this day possible. The Ladies Day in  itself is a beautiful testimony: We had no money in our budget to make this day possible and the bigger our plan got, the less we were able to actually pay for it. But our amazing Daddy and Planner of everything, who is awesome and trustworthy, really came through for us!  Many people from Knysna also came on board and blessed us in so many amazing ways: from presents to goodie bags, from cakes to decorations – all donated with love. 

From the bottom of our hearts: Thank You – you know who you are!

Elize Schroder


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