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Graduation 2018

On Thursday 22 November, we again rewarded our students during a graduation ceremony.

Twelve of the Hands & Heart Skills Development Centre students graduated whilst 6 ladies from the sewing course at iThemba Skills Centre received their much earned certificates.  Most of these students also received certificates for attending Module 1 of the Paradigm Shift Entrepreneurial Skills Course.

Six of the Hands & Heart students that graduated came all the way from George where they are currently studying at Africa Skills College.  They are studying various trades e.g plumbing, electricity, construction, carpentry, etc.  Four more of our 2018 students will start at Africa Skills during 2019.

Some of the sewing ladies will continue next year with an Intermediary Sewing Course.

We thank Garald, Dennis and Mike for their hard work, love and effort in training and uplifting the students at Hands & Heart.

Thank you also to Katinka (who had to step in and take over the sewing classes late in the year) as well as the wise aunty Fiz for adding so much value to the lives of the sewing ladies.

We are so proud of all the students!  We can see a lot of growth in them – not only in the skills they acquired but also personal and spiritual.


Elize Schroder


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