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Graduation Business Growth Course

The graduation of our students who completed Module 1 of the Paradigm Shift Business Growth Course took place on Thursday, 22 September.

The Paradigm Shift Business Growth Course accomplishes a number of goals.  Firstly, it is a way for future or existing entrepreneurs to more deeply explore practical business skills.  Secondly, it challenges them to apply these skills into their businesses immediately through weekly challenges.  Regardless of each student’s business background (or lack thereof), there is something that can be learnt and practised by every student.

The course is highly interactive and is designed to be comfortable for students who have any level of education, including those with low literacy and those who do not speak English as their first language.  Students learn through exploring, discussing and practising various business skills together.

Our staff and volunteers, who have been trained as “business trainers”, create an atmosphere of affirmation where students can interactively explore and apply practical business skills.

The students who complete the entire course by attending at least six out of the nine sessions receive a Certificate of Entrepreneurship Training at a graduation ceremony.

Sessions include Advertising, Branding, Budgeting, Costing, Logo’s, Business names, Business Opportunities, Slogans, Cash Flows, Community Needs, Competition, Credit, Customers, Finished Products, Investments, Mark-Ups, Market Research, Marketing, Networking, Profit, Raw Materials, Target Markets, etc, etc.

The Business Growth Course is based on Biblical Principals and the students simultaneously with the business skills curriculum, are guided by our staff and volunteers to deeply explore Biblical concepts.  It also challenges them to apply these learnings into their lives on a weekly basis.  Regardless of each student’s faith background (or lack thereof), there is something that can be learnt and practised.  Some of the principles that are being taught are Pursuing Truth and Wisdom, Learning to Develop Character, “Created for Work”, Money Matters, Made for Relationships, Spiritual Hunger, Conversations with God, Stewardship, Experiencing God, etc.

All of the students that completed Module 1 indicated that they would like to enrol for Module 2 which will start after the October school holidays.

Elize Schroder


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