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Hello, my name is Alina Oeder, but you’re also welcome to either call me Lini or Ali as the other volunteers or my host parents do. I decided to move from Nurnberg (Bavaria) in Germany to Knysna for 7 months because I love to explore different places of the world.  Not just for two or three weeks but for a period of time which is long enough to build up relationships with people who are living there.

Apart from that, I want to be a friend and supporter for the kids in the townships and have fun with them, show them how to live a self-satisfied life and just influence them in a good way which includes telling them how much God loves them. I believe that sharing Bible-stories as well as living out a daily Christian life and caring about the people around you can change not just the kid’s life but also mine.

Alina or also known as Allie