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Age:          21
Country: Germany

A short intro about myself
Hey I’m Dora, mainly known as Dora the explorer. It’s not only my nick name given to me because of a TV figure, I really love exploring things and places. Music, people, God and ministry are my passion and motivation to get up in the morning.

Why I chose YfC Knysna?
I personally chose YfC Knysna because I knew about the impact they have in the community and I wanted to be part of that. Making a difference in other peoples’ lives is a very important goal for me. YfC Knysna is a great platform for people of all ages to invest themselves into building the kingdom of God.

What I hope to achieve during my stay?
I would love to see hearts change. Even my own. I hope I will be used as a “farmer” sowing seeds of hope and love during the time of my stay in Knysna.

What I enjoy the most?
Being with the kids and youngsters is always a joy. But very special to me are the intimate moments I have with some of them. A talk, a shared laughter, a hug, sometimes just a smile. You just know when it was something special.

My favourite experience?
The moments I treasure the most are those where I had one on one talks with people on YfC staff or people from the church we serve at. In every conversation I could just clearly feel that God is the centre of their thinking, their hearts, of their whole life. No one is pretending to be someone or a “super christian”. Being real can be so easy. Experiencing that is amazing.

Any bad experiences and why?
I can’t think of any bad experiences.

Is there any particular scripture that inspires you?
There is 2 scriptures that inspire me. The first one is in 1. Corinthians 16,14 where it says we should do everything with love. This world is really lacking love and we can bring the change. That’s what God tells us in my second scripture in John 13,35: “By this shall men know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Sometimes we want to save the world, make a difference and change lives forever. But often times all we ought to do is love. Love speaks very loud and clear. Louder than many words.

Why should potential volunteers consider volunteering at YfC Knysna?
I want to encourage anyone to come to volunteer at YfC Knysna. If getting to know and serving God is your desire, you will not be disappointed. Yes, you might serve him by mopping the floor or washing cups but you will experience what it means to serve in a team, in a family, striving for the same goal. The input you get from the YfC staff people is amazing and so precious. The church is an awesome place to spiritually fill up. You will have lots of fun moments with adorable kids and the ocean will also be waiting for you… 😉

My final thoughts?
With growth come challenges and with challenges comes growth. Where ever you go in life, there will be challenges and struggles waiting for you. So will it be in Knysna, let’s just be realistic. You might have to get out of your comfort zone and do things you’re not used to, but at the end of the day it’s for your benefit. Come and allow yourself to grow in every sense possible.