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Joel Hecke


Hello, my name is Joel Hecke and I come from Stuttgart in Germany.  I am proud to call myself a volunteer at Youth for Christ Knysna.

I am 19 years old and I will be staying in Knysna until May 2017.   The decision for me to choose Knysna was really easy.  On the one hand I like playing with children and helping them with their education and the projects at YFC Knysna are very helpful as a big focus is on the younger generation – Our and South Africa’s future. I wanted to see how children in another country behaved, how they connected with Jesus and what their values were.

YFC is trying to meet the daily needs of the citizens of Knysna and surrounding areas. They are trying to help boys and girls with their homework or to find a job, get an apprenticeship and so much more.  On the other hand, I chose Knysna  because it was such a lovely place – The landscape is so beautiful, it is close to the beach and the people are very friendly.  Because of this, it was easy to feel familiar with the town and area.

Joel Hecke