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Hey there, my name is Katharina Amendt but actually nobody here is calling me like that. I’m known here as either Katha, Kat, Bloometjie or Bloomie. I’m 20 years old and I‘m from Eisenberg, a town which is near Mainz in the southwestern part of Germany. My intention for coming here to Knysna was to come out of my comfort zone and to serve God in another country.

Since I love working together with kids no matter which age group my aim for coming here was sharing Gods great love with the kids here and putting all my effort, passion and love into making them smiling and laughing. That’s the best for me to receive back for my time I’m spending with them, seeing them laughing and being happy!

Getting to know a new Culture as well as new people and becoming way more independent were also reasons for me to come here. Besides I want my relationship with God to grow and to get deeper. I believe that God sent me here on purpose and I’m ready to discover how he’s going to work through me.

+2744 382 7474
Kat or Blommetjie