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Age: 19

Country: Germany


A short intro about myself
After I finished school I wanted to spend a year serving God. I have a big heart for kids and for helping people. And now I’m here in South Africa and my dream came true!

Why I chose YfC Knysna?
I liked their projects and the fact that you are living together with other volunteers

What I hope to achieve during my stay?

  • To spread God’s love
  • To grow in my personality and faith and strengthen my relationship with God
  • To be a light in other lives and make a difference in their lives
  • To be there for the kids, teens, adults and give them hope, value and support and bring joy  in their lives
  • To fill others with enthusiasm for Jesus
  • To get to know a new country, culture, language


What I enjoy the most?

  • To be part of an amazing, crazy, big family
  • The projects: connect with the kids, play, have fun with them
  • Beautiful country and lovely/ open people
  • To see how God can change lives
  • The sun, beach, sea 😉
  • The happiness of all the people even if they don’t have much
  • To see, feel,.. God’s love, goodness, care everyday

My favourite experience?

  • Willowmore Outreach – we had an amazing time with the kids and families
  • Youth Week – over 40 kids gave their life to Jesus at one evening at youth
  • Just to see that there are people who appreciate my work and it’s just amazing to see how the kids trust me more and more

Any bad experiences and why?
Sometimes it is hard to see the bad living conditions and poverty from the families and I really would like to help them but you can’t change their lives immediately.  Sometimes it feels like you can’t really change something but I realized that a smile or a hug or just give love to the people means so much more for them and can be the start to change their lives already.

There are people who are very thankful for the work you do but some of them just take it for   granted because they think we have the money to do it but they don’t see that we also have to work hard for it.

In the beginning I really struggled with the language and I felt so bad because I couldn’t  communicate as much as I wanted to

Is there any particular scripture that inspires you?

John 4,16: God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.
I realized that showing love is one of the most important things you can enlarge the life of other people. A lot of the kids never experienced love at home, so they also never experienced Jesus. And if you never experienced love you can’t show love to others.

Joshua 1,9: we shouldn’t always listen to other people sometimes we just have to be courageous and live our dream. And it inspires me because the scripture tells me that I don’t have to fear because God will always be with me wherever I go.

Why should potential volunteers consider volunteering at YfC Knysna?
It is really amazing how open all the people are, you really feel as part of a big south African family. The projects you are involved in are awesome and you really get to know the kids and teens you spend time with. I never thought that I can have so much love and joy for all the kids just in such a short time. I tell you, after one of the kids looked at you with a big smile and sparkling eyes you don’t want to go home anymore. The fellowship in the whole team is very good. I also enjoy it that we are involved in a lot of different projects with different people so you always have to do something but we also have free time in which we get to know the country better (go to the beach, African markets,…). For me it was the best decision to come here because I learned a lot and we can also change other lives!

And by the way Knysna is a beautiful town!!

My final thoughts?
It is nice in Knysna!!!! 😉 I am so thankful to be here, God is good!!  You are awesome guys

Lisa Shantz volunteer from Germany