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Nickname: Mimi

Age: 18

Country: Germany

A short intro about myself.
I didn’t want to start studying right after school, so I decided to does something fun. Spending a year abroad to have another summer, spend time with children and have time to focus on me and God.

Why I chose YfC Knysna?
Knysna is such a beautiful small town with awesome people.  In Germany I got introduced to all the projects in South Africa and the projects in Knysna fitted the most to what I wanted to do.

What I hope to achieve during my stay?

  • To get to now a totally different culture, if apartheid is still present and how people can get along with a lower standard of living, so kind of proofing if the stuff they tell you in school is true.
  • Not being here on holiday but really get to know the people, built deep relationships and find a second home.
  • Outreach my personal borders and go deeper in my relationship with God

What I enjoy the most?
The openness and friendliness of the South Africans and to experience the love the people and especially children have for me.

My favourite experience?
The outreach to Willowmore, we were already some weeks in South Africa but nevertheless that was something totally new and exciting for us. I also really enjoyed to get to know the stuff better.

Is there any particular scripture that inspires you?
John 8, 13 –
None of the children can speak German; nevertheless they find a way to show us their love every day. (P.S. Ek is life vir jou)

Why should potential volunteers consider volunteering at YfC Knysna?
The stuff is amazing, the children are awesome and Knysna on its own, is worth it to come here.

Just go for it! You won’t regret it.