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Age: 21

Country: Germany

A short intro about myself
As long as I can remember, a big dream of mine was going to an African country and doing ministry there. So after I finished school, I decided to go abroad and let my dream come true.

Why I chose YfC Knysna?
At my Interview at YFC Germany, I was introduced to all the different YFC places in South Africa. And if I’m being honest, I chose YFC Knysna just because I felt like I should go there.

What I hope to achieve during my stay?
I want to broaden my own horizon. Being in touch with other people, languages, cultures, environments, etc is affecting me and I really want to discover more than just all the stuff I’ve always already been used to. And I want to learn so many more things about myself and my faith and getting into a deeper relationship with God.

And I really want to profit from all these things I’m experiencing and learning here when I’ll go back home.

What I enjoy the most?
Sharing love with all the kids. Cause this is basically the most important thing they need. Paying attention on them, hugging them, spending time, having fun, just loving them for who they are. And what you receive is even much more. Love and joy in abundance.

My favourite experience?
Sorry I don’t have a favourite.

Any bad experiences and why?
Especially in the beginning, sometimes I really struggled with the language. Because some of the kids I work with, don’t speak English.

Is there any particular scripture that inspires you?

Corinthians 13:1-7 – Because we are deeply loved, we can love others. And without the love god gives us, everything we do is useless. Serving without love is impossible.

Nothing left to say. That scripture speaks for itself.

Why should potential volunteers consider volunteering at YfC Knysna?
You can go anywhere and do ministry and serve. But deciding to go to Knysna for volunteering is a very wise decision. Being here is not just being here and being part of YFC and doing ministry. Being here means being part of a family. A family that supports you whenever you are in need of.

My final thoughts?
You are awesome!

+2744 382 7474
Rahel Hillman