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Families are important and this was the focus of our recent Willowdale outreach to the farm community where we served two weeks ago. Activities ranged from doing home visits to women at home during the day to teaching others how to sew and make jewellery. Another group of youth workers were connecting and building relationships with the children at the local farm school and playing games after the children were taught their Bible verse for the day. They also assisted with the preparation for the year end program that took place on Friday evening. The male staff of YfC spent most of their time during the day assisting with daily routine farm work typical to a sheep farm this time of the year.

We believe that the home is the primary learning environment and a place where family relations are fostered. The program has thus built up to a climax on Saturday where time was spent teaching the parents a wide variety of board and other games they can take back home. This all happened after a session of quality time spend with the parents (mainly the dads/fathers) on their role in the home.

A visit to a Karoo farm always includes fellowship in the Lapa and is not complete if you haven’t had a ride on the back of a tractor and felt the kick of a hunting rifle in your shoulder…

Please pray that Holy Spirit continue working in the hearts of the parents and care-givers on the farm – and if you still have time, pray together with Owen and Pat for very needed rain on the farm.


Lesley Langham


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